Parental Commandments

Parenting commandments make for quality children. As a parent committed to raising quality children, thou shalt:

  1. Guard thy children in the home and on the street.
  2. Make thy home a sanctuary of love and devotion.
  3. Honor the teachers of thy children and teach thy children to honor them.
  4. Never condone the faults of thy children through a misguided sense of loyalty.
  5. Teach thy children respect for the law and keep them from the companionship of children who indicate disrespect for the law.
  6. Not lead thy children into temptation by providing them with the means thereof, to wit, too much money, a car, and adult privileges.
  7. Enforce decency in the dress of thy daughters and dignity in the dress of thy sons.
  8. Protect the morals of thy children from the indiscretions of youthful ardor and inexperience.
  9. Conduct thine own affairs in such a manner as to set an example worthy of imitation by thy children.
  10. Not permit thy children to bear arms except in the service of their country.