Parenting App Wishfinity

As a parent, you are committed to doing everything you can to make your child feel heard, loved, and help them navigate change. To help you in this effort Covington native Stephanie Katcher launched Wishfinity, an app that allows parents to exchange wishes with their kids.

If you wish your kid would brush their teeth, practice their spelling, or feed the dog, simply put those wishes into the app. You can choose to schedule the tasks daily or on a specific date and time.  Then give your kids a chance to wish. Whether they are wishing for a movie night, a day at the park, or a new lego set, they can let you know with Wishfinity. You can choose to grant their wishes or set up an allowance system for kids to earn their wishes.

As divorced parents, you each create your own parent account to individually manage. This is a great way to set expectations. You can keep track of what everyone is wishing for and accountable for right on your phone. Create a nightly or weekly routine to go through and mark off what your kids have accomplished as a no stress way of connecting on the things that need doing and the things everyone looks forward to.

Wishfinity is available on the web as well as your mobile device.

Download the Wishfinity app from the iTunes or GooglePlay store for use on phones and tablets.