Healing Hearts Divorce Class Overview

Right now you might be feeling overwhelmed, unprepared, and potentially unequipped for divorce, parenting as a single parent, and finding your new normal co-parenting with your ex. Healing Hearts after Divorce’s one-time three-hour course will help you get a better grasp on things.

By the end of the course, you will be able to 

  • Understand the emotional process of divorce, how children react, and the strategies for coping with divorce.
  • Identify behaviors that are harmful to a parent’s relationship with their children.
  • Understand how best to tell your children about divorce.
  • Have tools to communicate with your former spouse and develop a co-parenting relationship.



I. Overview of session

A. Housekeeping

B. Ground rules

C. Why you are here

D. Introductions

II. Research on divorce and relationships

A. Statistics about children and divorce in the short and long term

B. Changes for mothers and fathers when a divorce occurs

C. Changes for children when a divorce occurs

D. Impact of divorce on boys and girls

III.  What happens to families during separation and divorce

A. Grief Process

B. Changes that come with divorce

C. Common reactions

1. Things that harm relationships

2. Things that can help relationships

3. How children can manipulate their parents

IV. Post Divorce parenting: Co-Parenting

A. Guidelines for successful co-parenting

B. Visitation

C. Working on smooth transitions

D. Getting back to the basics of parenting

[Watch DVD:  Children and Divorce]

V. Blended Families

A. When to start dating again

B. Stressors-merging family cultures and histories

C. Resource distribution

D. Loyalty conflicts

E. Helping to adjust to new relationships

F. Role expectations

VI. When families need more help to work out issues

A. Red flags to determine when you or your children need help

B. Counseling

C. Mediation

VII.   Complete evaluations and pass out certificates